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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mon dévouement pour lui

I would like to share with you all my mantra of servitude. It is a simple, seven-line dedication that I recite to Him once a week as a confirmation of my commitment to him as well as an affirmation that I wish to remain engaged in our relationship. In light of my transgression last September, I wish to share this with all of you as proof of my dedication to redeeming myself. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Atonement for my Absence

It has again been far too long since I last wrote for you, kind Sirs and Madams. My Master has bid me give you the full explanation, and as I value nothing higher than His command, I shall write the full account of what has kept me from entertaining you. It is my hope that I will be redeemed through my honesty and forgiven for my absence.

It began last September, when my Master made arrangements to take me overseas to France for a month. I cannot possibly explain how overwhelmingly grateful I was for His kindness to me - a trip like this is not something I am permitted to indulge in frequently. He bought me a new wardrobe just for the trip, making sure every outfit was elegant and well-fitted to my form. I have never been so spoiled.

We set off on schedule, finally arriving at our destination in Talloires, L'Abbaye de Talloires. The hotel was once an abbey, but was converted into a hotel during the French Revolution. It was dripping with history and the echos of so many pasts... which I found most stimulating. Once there, my Master told me that I was to remain in the room. I admit to being disappointed, which I also admit was wrong of me. I should have been well pleased that I was there at all and that He had deemed me worthy of accompanying him. I should have followed his order joyously and without question. However, I was weak. The beauty of the place overwhelmed me and I gave in to its charms in total disregard of my Master's worthy command.

This, dearest readers, was my great transgression for which I must beg your understanding and forgiveness, as I have begged for of my Master. Rest assured that I have received my punishment, but all the same, I feel as though my reputation and honor has been tarnished by this failing. I beg you to please read on and judge me as you deem fit. I cannot repent enough for my wrong-doing. My Master requests the kindness of your comments to this post so that I can clearly read how I have failed you and what you think of my actions.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Une Promenade Matinale

The weather has been oppressive. The heat is draining. He insists we go out on a walk today. Even though it is early morning, already I feel the humidity making my dress cling to me. I am wearing a yellow halter-neck dress that He bought me, of course. He meets me at the front door. He smiles at me, a sign that He is pleased with the way I look.

We step out into the morning sun, onto the street. He talks to me about normal things. The weather. The traffic as we pass busier intersections. I do not question where we're going. I simply walk with him. We take a turn towards the river. Along the bank of the wide river is a sprawling park.

He slips his hand up my back, wrapping it slightly around the base of my neck. He has stopped making small talk now, and simply looks over at me with a grin. My heart begins to race. His hand is still on my neck, right where my dress ties. We continue walking.

We walk past the playground, which is empty, the children are all at school. We walk past the soccer field where a few high school kids are playing hooky and making out. We walk past the fishing piers, which are still packed with the last of the morning fishermen. We walk off the path now, turning towards the river. Beyond a little clump of mangroves at the water's edge juts a small strip of sand. From the park path, it is hardly visible. However, it is in direct view of the fishing piers. As I follow Him towards the little sandbar, I can feel myself grow hot and wet. I am delighted. I will be on display.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Il avait besoin de moi

I sit alone, idly stroking the soft linens on my bed. The ceiling fan circles slowly above me creating ripples of shadows on the walls. My window is open to the warm air of the late summer, allowing the weighty perfume of jasmine to permeate my room. The hour nears midnight, and still I cannot sleep. He has been so troubled lately. I worry about Him. There have been no lavish dinners lately, not like there used to be. He used to be continually entertaining, and I used to be continually on display. Of late, He's been out of town often and I have been alone. Not unwanted, not abandoned, but alone all the same. When He returns from His trips, He doesn't use me as He once did. He says it's because He is preoccupied, because He is overwhelmed. I accept His words as truth, of course. All the same, a small voice inside me whispers doubts. I ache for Him.

I sit alone, my eyes searching the clouds outside my window, lit by the city lights below. My body is draped in a dressing gown made of satin and white lace. I have dressed in white a lot recently. I feel pure and untouched. I feel clean and unmarked. I feel sad. He hasn't sent for me. He hasn't demanded me. He hasn't touched me. Not for a week and a half. The breeze pushes along the clouds and those stars strong enough to penetrate the city lights peek out at me. I become resolute. I am going to Him.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's been too long...

It has been over a year now since I last updated this blog - and what a year it's been! I must express apologies for the long wait, there have been many complications in my world. I am so grateful to my Master, though, as he pulled me through and kept me strong. It has been a painful path (and not in the pleasurable sense!) with heartache and despondency, but my Master is strong enough for the both of us and helped me emerge from my trials a wiser and more confident woman.

I am pleased to announce that I have been bidden to return to this project. As the Master wishes, so shall I do. He wants me to expand my audience, so I have now been given permission to connect through Facebook and Twitter! I am delighted! Reaching out to share my stories with you is wonderful, but being able to hear back from you is even more exciting. My Master has even suggested I open myself up to requests of a kind. Contact me if there is something you wish me to endure or experience!

Thank you all for your support. Please follow this blog, friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter! I have been promised an increase in special treatment for an increase in followers... and whatever I experience I will, of course, share with you.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you want to see more of from this blog, Sirs. I'm preparing to start a whole new and exciting adventure with this project.

Obediently and respectfully yours,

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Le Neveu

My Master's nephew is coming to visit him. My Master is throwing him his eighteenth birthday party. I am to be a surprise. How special I feel! I am so prized by my Master. I bathe in fragrant oils. I brush my hair one hundred times. I apply no make up. My Master likes me completely natural. I put on the party dress he has given me for the occasion. It is satin. I look amazing. Looking at myself in a mirror, I feel myself dampen. He is going to be so pleased with me. The thought of his being pleased with me makes me tremble.

I am not permitted to sit at the dinner table. He had me served earlier. The food was delectable. He is so kind to me. I stand behind his chair. His nephew studies me. He doesn't understand what I stand behind his uncle's chair. The nephew has brought three friends with him. The are all looking at my tits. They can see my nipples through the satin. My nipples stand erect.

When the meal is over, the plates are cleared. My Master gives his nephew a cigar. The nephew is enjoying his uncle's attention. He feels like a man in front of his friends. He can't take his eyes off me. I know my Master is pleased that I am drawing attention. I can feel the heat rise in my cunt. I will excel tonight.  I will make my Master so proud of me.

Pour les Messieurs

To my generous readers,

I have had such kind responses from so many of you. I humbly thank you. My Master is well pleased with my efforts thanks to your responses.

I do hope you will continue to read my stories, Sirs. It is with anticipation of your pleasure that I write them.


Respectfully and Obediently,

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